Well it’s that time of year again when “giving” strikes it’s chord in all of us. However, there is one company, brought to my attention through a friend, that is “giving” all year long. Thrive Causmetics is just that company!

Not only does Thrive offer stellar quality products encased in beautiful packaging but they really give back! For every item sold, one is donated to a woman going through cancer treatment. Although, there have been a several pioneers spearheading this forward way of thinking in business, Thrive excites me from a Beauty Industry point of view. It’s an industry that can be, in so many ways, thought of as narcissistic and seemingly shallow. When in fact, it’s and industry with a plethora of giving souls, Artists and manufacturers alike, that really want to give back.

No matter what our plight may be, all of us women, on one level or another, not only want to look good but to feel good about ourselves. Remember, everybody is going through something. For instance, when losing ones hair becomes a reality, a hopeless feeling may begin to settle in. It’s comforting to know there is a mindful company out there. That being said, Thrive’s well thought out eyelashes, eyeliners and brow pencils are a welcome asset, not only to someone suffering from Alopecia or undergoing chemo but to any woman desiring a little something special.

Beauty with a purpose is Thrive’s tagline! Please share this globally and we all might be in a little better place…one “causmetic” at a time:)

Please spread the love!